To achieve the GHTC – 2020 goals, academic research papers and presentations, are invited to testify the intellectual vibrancy of the conference. The same will be complemented with key industry practitioners, who will highlight industry trends and research gaps from a pragmatic and applied perspective. The themes identified for the conference will divulge the global trends in experiential marketing and management of tourism / hospitality products / services. Therefore the deliberations will include, but not limited to, the following themes / topics within the domain of experiential management and marketing:

  • Conceptualizations of tourism experience

  • Managing service design, service encounters and tourism experience

  • Cognitive, emotional, sensory, social, and transformative dimensions of tourism experiences

  • Open innovation, co-creation, co-destruction and customer engagement approaches in experience design

  • Gastronomic tourism experiences as a tourism product

  • Trends in consumer behavior and experiential marketing

  • Systematic Literature Reviews or state-of-the-art on experiential marketing

  • Sustainable destination development

  • Memorable tourism experiences

  • Tourism / hospitality experiential marketing in sustainable way

  • Emerging environmental, social, cultural economic impacts and technological issues

  • Transformative power and value of experience consumption

  • Future trends in the tourism / hospitality experiential marketing

  • Case studies on successful tourism / hospitality experiential marketing for destinations

  • Ethical concerns in tourism / hospitality marketing

  • Cultural tourism, cultural heritage and social dynamics

  • Research and innovations in tourism / hospitality marketing

  • implications of above in relation to North - East India Tourism

  • Consumer values types and their influence on experience memorability

  • Consumer experience in multichannel decision-making

  • Consumer value types and customer experience management in tourism, hospitality and event

  • Influence of ICTs, Social Media, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality on experience design and consumption